Darrin and Daphne Clark Daphne was born and raised in South Africa, and Darrin in Zimbabwe. It's been a wild ride to get here, doing what we do today, and we'd never change it. Jennifer Kornelsen Jen is Canadian, and she joined us in March, 2016, and has become an incredibly valuable team member. She keeps this all together, and you in touch with what's happening.
 It all started in 2009, when I was led to travel to Zimbabwe with the commission to serve the people there. My first trip back after more than twenty years was for a friend and I to start a water filtration project, providing homes with water filters and clean water. People were employed, lives were changed, and the economy of the small town where it all started, began to benefit. In 2012 I was moved to explore what more could be done, and shortly afterward, God provided us with ten acres of land, and Hupenyu Village was conceived. November 2015, Mercy Mandate grew from being a Darrin and Daphne led work, to being a foundation focused on facilitating change in disadvantaged communities, anywhere in the world. A group of people came around us to carry the load and champion the cause, believing that we can make a different world, and teach others to do the same. But Mercy Mandate is not just an organization for compassionate aid, it's one which uses those acts of kindness to create an environment for the healing of people's hearts - it’s all about mercy, a mandate of mercy!
 I think most people are born with a little bit of “save the world” in them, and being a part of Mercy Mandate is that bit of “save the world” in me in action. I do this because I believe that we actually can make a significant difference in the world if we just take initiative and do something, so I’m doing something. I’ve always loved to travel, experience different cultures, and occasionally jump headfirst into new and unknown territory which is basically how I ended up at Mercy Mandate. Mercy Mandate’s vision challenges me in the best and most frustrating ways possible, but I thrive in a challenge and wouldn’t want to live my life any other way.

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