Facilitating Change in Disadvantaged Communities

      Daphne and I are blessed to be able to lead a team of dedicated people who each value the purpose of Mercy Mandate, and play their part to make the wheels turn.


      Since arriving in Canada in 1999, we’ve have been children's pastors at Catch the Fire Toronto, (1999 - 2013) started Mercy Mandate (2009), and now lead a group of incredible people in Calgary.


      A Brief History Lesson - In 2009, I was led to travel back to Zimbabwe, where I was born, with the commission to serve the people there. My fist trip back after more than twenty years, was one which changed my heart forever. The result was that a friend of mine and myself started a water filtration project providing homes with water filters capable of cleaning up to eighty litres of water per day. People were employed, lives were changed, and the economy of the small town began to benefit.


      In 2012 I began again to explore what more could be done there, and shortly afterward, God provided us with ten acres of land, and our relationship with Chicomborero (Chico) and Irene, whom have been very instrumental in the Mercy Mandate journey. Unfortunately, Chicomborero passed away in November 2013, but God has been faithful to not only grow the work, but impart even greater vision and expectation.


      In November 2015, Mercy Mandate grew from being a Darrin and Daphne led work, to being a foundation focused on facilitating change in disadvantaged communities, anywhere in the world. A group of people came around us to carry the load and champion the cause, believing that we can make a different world, and teach others to do the same.


      Mercy Mandate is not just a journey of compassionate humanitarian aid, but rather, one which uses those acts of kindness to create an environment for another person to embrace, believe, and express the truth that what-ever I have today, is enough to bless some-one else with. It’s about mercy, a mandate of mercy!

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