Facilitating Change in Disadvantaged Communities


Our Trips Are Always Amazing!

      Ever wanted to go to Africa? Or go on a Safari? What about helping out on a humanitarian assistance project?

      Over the years we have learned that a trip to bless others, to anywhere in the world, is one of the most rewarding things anyone could ever do. As we take our compassion, skills, and finances, and invest them in the lives of people less fortunate than us, we end up having more positive life changing moments than we give. Something about giving, changes the giver!

      We’ve led trips to many places around the world, but have recently focused attention in Southern Africa, establishing life and community changing relationships and projects. About seventy-five percent of the building o f these projects have been initiated and led by people like you and I who simply want to make a difference in other peoples lives.

      We’ve had the privilege to work alongside many of you on water purification projects to gardening projects, working with the children in the orphanage to caring for adult and community leaders, and even to providing for widows in rural areas.

Upcoming Trips



2017 - November/December -

Mossel Bay - South Africa


2018 - April -

Work Trip - Zimbabwe


Typical Trip Overview:

Day 0: Land in Destination.


Day 1: Drive to project location.


Day 2: Orientation, Full day of Work.


Day 3 - 6: Day - Work. Evening - Relax or Explore

Day 7: Morning - Travel to Safari location. Afternoon/Evening - Safari set-up and game drive.


Day 8: Enjoy a full day of Safari.


Day 9: Morning - Travel to Departure City.


Day 10: Depart for Home.


Testimonials: Hear from people who have had their lives changed in Africa!

Meet Delia:

      "My trip with Mercy Mandate to Zimbabwe was one of those bucket list kinda trips.

It was truly an incredible trip filled with, besides the hard work, amazing cultural experiences, local foods, and funky music. As one would expect on an African trip, the sightseeing, the hot & cool African temps, and local shopping, were also great experiences, but taking part In an African church service was really something to be moved by.

We drove through a safari park where we saw so much wildlife in their natural habitat, you can’t do Africa without a safari! The quiet sunset walks were just as exciting as the afternoon bakkie (pick-up) rides, but my highlight, was the time spent with the children at the orphanage.

Our team of seven people we had the best of times together, and came home with memories and relationships that will last a lifetime.

If you're considering going on a trip that will not only change your life, but where you get to take part in something so much bigger, and change other people's lives for the better, consider this one as the perfect opportunity! You'll have one of the best adventures of your life!"

Meet Ed and Val:

      Our experience serving with Mercy Mandate has been an amazing adventure and time of spiritual growth. It's wonderful be a part of a team to help Zimbabwean people build a self sustaining farm to house orphans in the future. The orphans will be taught Christian values, get an education, and be able to lead others and their nation into prosperity. The work was done by hand and allowed us to get to know everyone and enjoy the process. It was great to realize how much our efforts were appreciated by the local people.


      Darrin is very much at home in Zimbabwe and a good leader. The time spent exploring after the job was done was great fun. We will go again!!!

Meet Reese:

     "My first trip to Zimbabwe was one of best the best trips I have taken so far. It was just Darrin and I driving through South Africa to get to Zim. The country side in both countries were gorgeous but once we entered Zim, there was something so different - I could feel it! To me, it felt homely - there was a peace even amongst its political and economic instability, and I fell in love with Zimbabwe right away.


      The biggest impact on me from that trip were the people I met. Due to the political and economic turmoil, people there have very little, but everyone we met shared whatever they had with us - and they were happy; singing, dancing, and laughing all day. We complain about traffic in the western world, which will make our whole week suck, while they don't even know where their next meals will come from, but they stay happy. I learned a lot from their outlook and perspective on life.


      In Africa there are a lot of needs that we can help with, and these amazing people need more than for us to feed or clothe them. While I was there we had people coming up to us telling us great business ideas they have but they just don't have the capacity to get started. They are willing and ready to work hard and build their own future, it’s just the first steps where they need help. This is that Mercy Mandate is doing, to help locals get their lives back in their own hands, and become self sufficient."

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